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Nowadays, the form of academic and technical meetings have changed due to the corona virus crisis. Thus, meetings such as SID Annual symposium and IDW are held as virtual symposia with ZOOM and some papers are published on line style.

Herein, I would like to introduce to you our current work on liquid crystal + nanoparticles.

  1. On line: AIP Advances10 ,105323(2020)


S. Kobayashi ,Y. Shiraishi ,T. Miyama, and N .Toshima

‘Interpretation of frequency modulation TN-LCD embedded with metal nanoparticles using equivalent circuit analysis’

2.ZOOM meeting on Vebleo Webinar, https://vebleo.com/speakers-lecture 

#38: Plenary talk: Webinar(Web+seminar) on Material Science, Engineering  

S .Kobayashi , Y . Shiraishi , T . Miyama , and N . Toshima

‘Electro-optical effects and dielectric spectroscopy of LCD cells embedded with inorganic and metal nanoparticles’

Part I: ‘Electro-optical effects including optical homogeneous effect of NP doped LCD cells’,

Part II; ’Frequency modulation (FM) response LCD doped with metal NPs of Pd and Ag’

All the Video presentations are available through: https://vebleo.com/speakers-lecture

Thank you for reading.

Shunsuke Kobayashi 2020/11/13