Kobayashi Shunsuke 小林駿介 Public Office

Additional supporting materials

He has 50 patents as a co-inventor, where almost all patens are shared by university and companies who send visiting research fellows. And above mentioned papers are accompany with the relevant patents.Dr. Kobayashi wrote 27monographes on LCs and LCDs; among them written in English are:

1) A book of the Reference 21

2) S. Kobayashi.H.Hori, Y.Tanaka ”Active Matrix LCD”

Chapet 10, Hand Book of Liquid Crystal. Edited J.Patel and J.Collings and J.Patel, Oxford University Press(1995)

3) S.Kobayashi Chapter 3 “Alignment of Liquid Crystals in LCD Applications” The Liquid Crystal Display Story 50 years of Liquid CrystalR&D that lead The Way of the Future Ed.N Koide Springer (2013).

4) LCD Back Lights, Ed. S. Kobayashi ,S. Mikoshiba ,and S-K. Kim an SID Book Series Wiley (2009).

Dr.Kobayashi wrote other technical monographs in Japanese; these books have been read by readers in many countries.