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The IDW Kobayashi-Uchiike-Mikoshiba Prize

On December 11th ,2019 ,The following three significant persons received The IDW Prize: The Kobayashi-Uchiike-Mikoshiba Prize at Sapporo Convention Center, Japan.

They were Professor Yasufumi Iimura and Yoshifumi Shimodaira for their excellent service as  Program Chair in the past IDW, and Dr. Keiichi Betsui for his consequence service for making the IDW as a National Corporation.

Attached photo was taken at Banquet on 12th December ,2019:the left is Prof. Shimodaira ,the middle is Dr.Haruhiko Okudaira Chair of the Selection Committee ,and the right is Prof. Iimura.

The K-U-M comes from three persons who served as Organizing Committee Chair and that of Steering Committe and Program Committee of the first IDW in 1994 in Hamamatsu, Japan. ,

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