Kobayashi Shunsuke 小林駿介 Public Office

Professional Awards and other Professional Society Affiliations and Grade of Membership

1. SID Fellow Award 1987.
2. SID President Citation Award 1992 (For the service as the first Regional Vice President, Asia).
3. SID Jan Rajchman Prize 1995 (For defect free and practical high grade LCDs) The Tokyo

4. The Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Prize 1996 (For R and D on LCDs).
5. SID Lewis and Beatrice Winner Award 1996 (For the moderator of SID Pre-symposium Briefing for Overseas Speakers and making SID truly international).

6. The Japanese Ministry of Education and Science Award 2011 (For education, research and development on LCDs)
7. Honored Member, International Liquid Crystal Society 2012 (For defect free large area LCDs)
8. Honored Member Japanese Society of Liquid Crystal, 2011 (For the realization of defect free high grade large area LCDs)

Dr. Kobayashi has contributed strongly to the Society for Information Display and its association functions.
He served as the first Regional Vice-president, Asia and made SID truly international.
He has served as a moderator and instructor for the SID Pre-symposium briefing for Overseas Speakers with Mr. Lewis Winner, Dr. Terry Nelson,Mr. William Bohanon and Professor Heiju Uchiike,and recently with Dr. Kalil Klantar since 1974 for 40 years.
The attendee, who came from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and Germany of this service, accounts totally about 1300 speakers. This service may be contributed to make presentations given at SID Symposium will be current and global English way. This was touched upon by the President of SID Tony Lowe, when he gave The Lewis and Beatrice Winner Prize to Dr. Kobayashi in 1996.
Dr. Kobayashi served as the Founding Chair of SID Display of the Year Award.
Dr. Kobayashi made an effort to open SID Korea Chapter, Taipei Chapter, and Beijing Chapter in his possible way.
Dr. Kobayashi served as the Chair for the first IWD in Hiroshima, Japan in 1994.